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tangoÁngel D'Agostino, reciter Julián CenteyaCafé Domínguez1955infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasAdiós, arrabal1941infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasAgua florida1941infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasAhora no me conocés1941infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasBailarín de contraseña1945infouses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasCaricias1945infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasEl aristócrata1945infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasEl choclo1941infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasEl cornetín del tranvía1943infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasEl yacaré1941infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasLa cumparsita1945infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasLa nueva vecina1944infouses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasMano blanca1944infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasMuchacho1940info *clip *uses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasNinguna1942infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasPalais de glace1944infouses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasQuién tuviera dieciocho años1944infouses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasRondando tu esquina1945infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasSólo compasión1941infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasTraiga otra caña1941infouses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasTres esquinas1941infoclipuses
tangoÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasUna pena1941infoclipuses
tangoAdolfo CarabelliEl caburé1932infouses
tangoAdolfo CarabelliFelicia1932infouses
tangoAdolfo CarabelliLa guiñada1932infouses
tangoAdolfo Carabelli, singer Alberto GómezAlma1932infouses
tangoAdolfo Carabelli, singer Alberto GómezEl trece1932infouses
tangoAdolfo Carabelli, singer Alberto GómezInspiración1932infouses
tangoAdolfo Carabelli, singer Alberto GómezMi refugio1931infouses
tangoAdolfo Carabelli, singer Carlos LafuenteEl pensamiento1932infouses
tangoAdolfo Carabelli, singer Carlos LafuentePa' que lagrimear1933infouses
tangoAdolfo Carabelli, singers Alberto Gómez, Mercedes SimoneCantando1931infouses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis9 de julio1950infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisA la gran muñeca1961infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisCuando llora la milonga1952infouses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisEl chañar1946infouses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisEl huracán1948infouses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisEl pial1945infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisEl Tango Club1957infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisFelicia1969infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisFlores negras1961infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisLa cumparsita1961infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisLa yumba1974infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisMi dolor1957infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisPavadita1958infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisPura maña1943infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisRe Fa Si1959infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De AngelisSin aliento1963infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Carlos DanteCompadrón1949infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Carlos DanteCon alma de tango1946infouses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Carlos DanteGloria1950infouses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Carlos DanteLa brisa1946infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Carlos DantePara qué te quiero tanto1945infouses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Carlos DanteQue lindo es enamorarse1946infouses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Floreal RuizBajo el cono azúl (no speech intro)1944uses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Floreal RuizBajo el cono azúl (speech intro cut)1944uses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Floreal RuizCero al as1944infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Floreal RuizComo se muere de amor (no speech intro)1943uses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Floreal RuizComo se muere de amor (speech intro cut)1943uses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Floreal RuizDéjame así1943infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Floreal RuizMarioneta1943infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Floreal Ruiz, reciter Néstor RodiBajo el cono azul1944infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Julio MartelAltar sin luz1945infouses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Julio MartelBajo Belgrano1949infoclip *uses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Julio MartelJiron porteño1946infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Julio MartelLa vida me engañó1946infoclip *uses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Julio MartelMisa de once1949infouses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Julio MartelQue buena es (speech intro cut)1943uses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Julio MartelRosicler1946infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Julio Martel, reciter Néstor RodiDe igual a igual1944infouses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singer Julio Martel, reciter Néstor RodiQue buena es1943infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelAdiós marinero1946infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelLa pastora1948infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelPregonera1945infoclip *uses
tangoAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelRemolino1946infoclipuses
tangoAlfredo J. Gobbi9 puntos1952infouses
tangoAlfredo J. GobbiA media luz1955infouses
tangoAlfredo J. GobbiA Orlando Goñi1949infouses
tangoAlfredo J. GobbiBarrio de tango1956infouses
tangoAlfredo J. GobbiChuzas1949infouses
tangoAlfredo J. GobbiEl andariego1951infouses
tangoAlfredo J. GobbiEl incendio1948infouses
tangoAlfredo J. GobbiIndependiente Club1948infouses
tangoAlfredo J. GobbiLa viruta1947infouses
tangoAlfredo J. GobbiPelele1950infouses
tangoAlfredo J. GobbiRacing Club1949infouses
tangoAníbal TroiloAdiós, Nonino1966infouses
tangoAníbal TroiloC.T.V.1942infoclipuses
tangoAníbal TroiloCachirulo1941infoclipuses
tangoAníbal TroiloComme il faut1938infouses
tangoAníbal TroiloCordón de oro1941infoclipuses
tangoAníbal TroiloDanzarín1963infouses
tangoAníbal TroiloEl tamango1941infoclipuses
tangoAníbal TroiloGuapeando1941infoclipuses
tangoAníbal TroiloInspiración1957infoclipuses
tangoAníbal TroiloLa cumparsita1963infouses
tangoAníbal TroiloMelancólico1963infouses
tangoAníbal TroiloMilongueando en el cuarenta1941infoclipuses
tangoAníbal TroiloQuejas de bandoneón1944infoclipuses
tangoAníbal TroiloQuejas de bandoneón1958infouses
tangoAníbal TroiloResponso1963infouses
tangoAníbal TroiloTinta verde1938infouses
tangoAníbal TroiloVerano porteño1967infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Floreal RuizMarioneta1944infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Floreal RuizYuyo verde1945infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoA bailar1943infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoCada vez que me recuerdes1943infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoCautivo1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoColorao, colorao1942uses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoEl bulín de la calle Ayacucho1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoEn esta tarde gris1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoGricel1942infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoLos mareados1942infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoMalena1942infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoMaragata1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoNo le digas que la quiero1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoPa' que bailen los muchachos1942infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoPa' que seguir1942infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoPercal1943infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoSencillo y compadre1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoSosiego en la noche1943infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoTe aconsejo que me olvides1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoTinta roja1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoToda mi vida1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoTotal pa' qué sirvo1941infoclipuses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoUna carta1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoYo soy el tango1941infouses
tangoAníbal Troilo, singers Francisco Fiorentino, Amadeo MandarinoPájaro ciego1941infouses
tangoBianco Bachicha, singer Juan RaggiBandoneón arrabalero1928infouses
tangoBianco Bachicha, singer Juan RaggiNegro1927infouses
tangoBianco Bachicha, singer Juan RaggiOro muerto1926infouses
tangoBianco Bachicha, singer Juan RaggiPlegaria1927infouses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli9 puntos1956infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliAñorándote1930infoclip *uses
tangoCarlos Di SarliBahía Blanca1957infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliCatamarca1940infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliComme il faut1947infouses
tangoCarlos Di SarliDon Juan1955infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl 11 / A divertirse1946infouses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl 11 / A divertirse1954infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl amanecer1954infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl caburé1946infouses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl choclo (palabras de Carlos Di Sarli)1954infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl estagiario1941infouses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl incendio1940infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl ingeniero1955infouses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl jaguar1940infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl pollo Ricardo1946infouses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl recodo1941infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEl retirao1939infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliEnsueños1943infouses
tangoCarlos Di SarliLa cachila1941infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliLa cumparsita1955infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliLa torcacita1941infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliLa trilla1940infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliMarejada1941infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliMarianito1941infouses
tangoCarlos Di SarliMi refugio1941infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliMilonguero viejo1955infouses
tangoCarlos Di SarliNo cantes victoria1930infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliNobleza de arrabal1940infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliOrganito de la tarde1954infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliShusheta1940infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliSiete palabras1945infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliTinta verde1945infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di SarliUna noche de garufa1931infouses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáAl compás del corazón1942infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáCero al as1944infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáJunto a tu corazón (Hoy como ayer)1942info *clip *uses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáLa capilla blanca1944info *clip *uses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáLloran las campanas1944infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáNada1944infoclip *uses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáNido gaucho1942infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáNo está1942infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáSoy aquel viajero1947infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáTú, el cielo y tú1944infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáVamos1944infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Ernesto FamáChau Pinela1930infoclip *uses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Ernesto FamáFlora1930infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge DuránHoy al recordarla1945infouses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge DuránPorteño y bailarín1945infouses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge DuránTus labios me dirán1945infouses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge DuránUn tango y nada más1945infouses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge DuránVieja luna1945infouses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Mario PomarNido gaucho1955infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Mario PomarTormenta1954infouses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Oscar SerpaVerdemar1955infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoAdiós, te vas1943infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoCanta, pajarito1943infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoCascabelito1941infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoCharlemos1941infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoCorazón1939info *clip *uses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoCosas olvidadas1940infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoDecíme que pasó1942infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoEl cielo en tus ojos1941infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoEn un beso la vida1940infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoGriseta1941infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoLo pasao pasó1940infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoMañana zarpa un barco1942infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoPatotero sentimental1941infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoSi tú quisieras1943infoclipuses
tangoCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoTristeza marina1943infoclipuses
tangoDomingo FedericoCon el mayor gusto1949infouses
tangoDomingo FedericoSaludos1944infouses
tangoDomingo Federico, singer Carlos Valdéz, reciter Julia de AlbaTristezas de la calle Corrientes1952infouses
tangoDomingo Federico, singer Carlos VidalYuyo verde1944infouses
tangoDomingo Federico, singer Dante RossiCharlemos1956infouses
tangoDonato RacciattiA la gran muñecauses
tangoDonato RacciattiCuando llora la milongauses
tangoDonato RacciattiLa cumparsitainfouses
tangoEdgardo DonatoCantando bajito1938infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo DonatoEl acomodo1933infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo DonatoEl chamuyo1938infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo DonatoEl distinguido ciudadano1940infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo DonatoEl estagiario1938infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo DonatoElegante papirusa1935infouses
tangoEdgardo DonatoLa tablada1936infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo DonatoPasión criolla1939infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Félix GutiérrezEl huracán1932info *clip *uses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Félix GutiérrezQué hacés, qué hacés!1933infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosA oscuras1941infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosAlas rotas1938infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosEl adiós1938infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosFué mi salvación1940infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosGato1937infouses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosLágrimas1939infouses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosMe voy a baraja1936infouses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosMis pesares1941infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosSe va la vida1936infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosSoy mendigo1939uses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosTe busco1941infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosUn libro1941infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Lita MoralesTriqui-tra1940uses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singer Romeo GavioliLa melodía del corazón1940infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singers Horacio Lagos, Lita MoralesChapaleando barro1939infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singers Horacio Lagos, Lita MoralesSinsabor1939infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singers Horacio Lagos, Lita MoralesSombra gaucha1939infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singers Lita Morales, Romeo GavioliMi serenata1940infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singers Romeo Gavioli, Horacio LagosAmando en silencio1941infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singers Romeo Gavioli, Horacio Lagos, Lita MoralesCarnaval de mi barrio1939infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singers Romeo Gavioli, Horacio Lagos, Lita MoralesSinfonía de arrabal1940infoclipuses
tangoEdgardo Donato, singers Romeo Gavioli, Lita MoralesYo te amo1940infoclipuses
tangoEnríque RodríguezEl morochito1941info *clip *uses
tangoEnríque RodríguezExpresión campera1942infouses
tangoEnríque RodríguezFlorida1941infouses
tangoEnríque RodríguezLa torcacita1940infouses
tangoEnríque RodríguezZorro gris1946infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoA media luz1940infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoAdiós para siempre1943infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoCómo has cambiado pebeta1942infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoCómo se pianta la vida1940infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoDanza maligna1940info *clip *uses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoEl encopao1942infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoEl huérfano1942infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoEn la buena y en la mala1940infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoEste es tu tango1945uses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoLa gayola1941infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoLa vi llegar1944infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoLlorar por una mujer1941infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoMarinero1943infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoMi piba1943infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoMirame de frente1942infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoNaranjo en flor1944infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoNo te quiero más1940infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoNyanzas y malevos1941infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoQué lento corre el tren1943infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoSólo tú1943infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoSuerte loca1941infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoTabernero1941infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoTango argentino1942infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoTú, el cielo y tú1944infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoUn tropezón1942infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoY así nació este tango1945infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoYa no cantas, Chingolo / Chingolito1943infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoYo no sé por que razón1942infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoYo también tuvé un cariño1942infoclipuses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Roberto FloresDéjame ser asi1938infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Roberto FloresMosterio1939infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Roberto FloresSon cosas del bandoneón1936infouses
tangoEnríque Rodríguez, singer Roberto FloresVendrás alguna vez?1938infouses
tangoFrancisco CanaroCharamusca1934infouses
tangoFrancisco CanaroEl caburé1936infouses
tangoFrancisco CanaroEl chamuyo1933infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco CanaroEl pollito1931infouses
tangoFrancisco CanaroHotel Victoria (Gran Hotel Victoria)1935infouses
tangoFrancisco CanaroInspiración1932infouses
tangoFrancisco CanaroLa melodía de nuestro adiós1938uses
tangoFrancisco CanaroLorenzo1938infouses
tangoFrancisco CanaroPampa1938infouses
tangoFrancisco CanaroQuiero verte una vez más1939infouses
tangoFrancisco CanaroRetintín1938infouses
tangoFrancisco CanaroTodo corazón1936infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Carlos RoldánCafé de los Angelitos1945infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Carlos RoldánUno1943infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Carlos RoldánYa estamos iguales1945infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Eduardo AdriánCada vez que me recuerdes1943infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Eduardo AdriánCorazón encadenado1942uses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Eduardo AdriánEn el viejo café1942infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Eduardo AdriánEs mejor perdonar1942infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Eduardo AdriánGricel1942infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Eduardo AdriánNido gaucho1942infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáAbandonada1939infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáAl subir, al bajar1939infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáAlgún día te diré1939infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáChirusa1940uses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáEl vino triste1939infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáEsta noche1940infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáLo pasao pasó1939infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáMala suerte1939infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáNo me pregunten por qué1939infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáQue es los que tiene la fulana?1939infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáTe quiero todavia1939infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáToda mi vida1941infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáTodo te nombra1939info *clip *uses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáTormenta1939infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáYo no sé porque te quiero1934infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Francisco AmorCuartito azul1939uses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Francisco AmorEn esta tarde gris1941infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Guillermo RicoMañana no estarás1945infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Guillermo RicoTrenzas1945infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaAdiós, muchachos1938infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaAlma del bandoneón1935infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaAunque no lo crean1935infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaCambalache1935infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaCasas viejas1935infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaCiego1935infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaCogote1935infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaCondena1937uses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaDesprecio1938infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaEl adiós1938infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaEnvidia1936infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaInvierno1937uses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaLa copla porteña1935infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaLas cuarenta1937infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaMadreselva1938infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaMi noche triste1936infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaMilagro1937infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaMilonguita1936infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaNada más1938infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaNo hay que hacerse mala sangre1935infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaOjos negros que fascinan1935infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaPaciencia1938uses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaPoema1935info *clip *uses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaQué le importa al mundo1936infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaSoledad1935infouses
tangoFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaYo también soñé1936infouses
tangoFrancisco LomutoCatamarca1943infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco LomutoCriolla linda1942infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco LomutoSentimiento gaucho1942infouses
tangoFrancisco LomutoZorro gris1941infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Alberto RiveraDímelo al oído1945infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer CharloSan Telmo1932infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Fernando DíazCopa de ajenjo1941infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Fernando DíazLa gayola1941infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Fernando DíazQuiero verte una vez más1940infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Fernando DíazSe te dio vuelta la taba1931infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Fernando DíazSi soy así1933infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarA la gran muñeca1936infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarEl cornetín del tranvía1938infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarGólgota1938infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarLa melodía de nuestro adiós1938infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarLas cuarenta1937infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarMadreselva1938infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarMano a mano1936infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarNostálgias1936infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarOtra vez1938infoclipuses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarPor la vuelta1939infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarYo nací para querer1940infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singers Alberto Acuña, Fernando DíazNunca más1931infouses
tangoFrancisco Lomuto, singers Cerry Brian, Jorge OmarCaminito1935infouses
tangoJosé BassoLa cumparsitainfoclip *uses
tangoJosé García, singer Alfredo RojasEsta noche de luna1943infouses
tangoJosé García, singer Alfredo RojasJunto a tu corazón1942infoclipuses
tangoJosé García, singer Alfredo RojasLloran las campanas1944infouses
tangoJosé García, singer Alfredo RojasQué no sepan las estrellas1945infouses
tangoJosé García, singer Alfredo RojasTristeza marina1943infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo9 de julio1966infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo9 de julio (reverbed)1935infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoAdios Coco1972uses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoAtaniche1936infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoAtaniche (reverbed)1936infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoBar Exposición1973infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoCanaro1941infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoCanaro en París1967infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoChampagne tango1938infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoCharamusca1939infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoComme il faut (reverbed)1936infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoDerecho viejo1948infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoDerecho viejo1963infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoDon Esteban (reverbed)1936infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoDon Juan1950infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl africano1937infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl apronte1937infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl baqueano (reverbed)1937infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl caburé1937infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl cachafaz1937infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl cencerro (reverbed)1937uses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl choclo1937infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl choclo1963infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl entrerriano1946infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl entrerriano1963infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl flete1936infoclip *uses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl huracán1944infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl internado1938infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl internado1954infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl irresistible1936infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl irresistible1954infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl pollito1965infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl pollito (reverbed)1938infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl puntazo1952infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl rey del compás1941infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEl simpático1951infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoEste es El Rey1971uses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoGallo ciego (reverbed)1937infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoHotel Victoria1966infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoIndependencia1953infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoInspiración1967infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoJoaquina1935infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoJueves1937infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoLa bicoca1940infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoLa catrera1949infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoLa clavada1940infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoLa cumparsita1937infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoLa cumparsita1951infoclip *uses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoLa cumparsita1963infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoLa galarcita1945infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoLa morocha (reverbed)1937infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoLa viruta1936infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoLorenzo1936infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoMaipo1939infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoMelodía porteña1937infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoPampa1939infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoPampa1949infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoQué noche1937infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoRawson1936infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoRe Fa Si1935infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoRetintín1936infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoSábado inglés1946infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoSeguime si podés1945infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoUnión Cívica1938infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoUnión Cívica (reverbed)1938infouses
tangoJuan D'ArienzoYapeyú1951infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeAnsiedad1938infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeCorrientes y Esmeralda1945infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeEl vino triste1939infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeIndiferencia1938infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeLa bruja1938uses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeMandría1939infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeNada más1938infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeNo mientas1938infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeNo nos veremos nunca1944infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeOlvídame1939infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüePensalo bien1938infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeQué Diós te ayude1939infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeQué importa1939uses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeTrago amargo1939uses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto ReynalAlmanaque de ilusión1941infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto ReynalChirusa1940infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto ReynalEl corazón me engañó1940infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto ReynalVidas marcadas1942infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Enrique CarbelPaciencia1937infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréAmarras1944infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréCicatrices1942infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréClaudinette1942infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréCompadrón1942infoclipuses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréDime mi amor1941infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréEl olivo1941infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréEnamorado1943infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréHumillación1941infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréLilián1944infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréSi la llegaran a ver1943infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréSobre el pucho1941infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréTierrita1941infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréUno1943infouses
tangoJuan D'Arienzo, singer Héctor MauréYa lo ves1941infouses
tangoLalo SchifrinLa yumba1988infouses
tangoLalo SchifrinQuejas de bandoneón1988infouses
tangoLalo SchifrinRecuerdo1988infouses
tangoLos Provincianos, singer Roberto DíazLa cumparsita1931infouses
tangoLucio Demare, singer Horacio QuintanaIgual que un bandoneón1945infoclipuses
tangoLucio Demare, singer Horacio QuintanaSolamente ella1944infoclipuses
tangoLucio Demare, singer Horacio QuintanaTorrente1944infouses
tangoLucio Demare, singer Juan Carlos MirandaDin... Don...!1938infouses
tangoLucio Demare, singer Juan Carlos MirandaMañana zarpa un barco1942infouses
tangoLucio Demare, singer Juan Carlos MirandaMalena1942infoclipuses
tangoLucio Demare, singer Juan Carlos MirandaNo te apures, cara blanca1942infoclipuses
tangoLucio Demare, singer Juan Carlos MirandaPa' mí es igual1942infouses
tangoLucio Demare, singer Juan Carlos MirandaTelón1938infouses
tangoLucio Demare, singer Raúl BerónUna emoción1943infoclipuses
tangoMiguel CalóInspiración1943infouses
tangoMiguel CalóLa guiñada1948infoclipuses
tangoMiguel CalóLa maleva1943infoclipuses
tangoMiguel CalóSaludos1944infoclipuses
tangoMiguel CalóSans souci1944infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Alberto PodestáDos fracasos1941infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Alberto PodestáPercal1943infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Alberto PodestáQué falta que me hacés!1963infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Alberto PodestáSi tú quisieras1943infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Alberto PodestáYo soy el tango1941infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Jorge OrtizA las 7 en el café1943infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Jorge OrtizBarrio de tango1943infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Jorge OrtizPa' que seguir1943infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Jorge OrtizYa sale el tren1943infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónAl compás del corazón1942infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónCorazón, no le hagas caso1942infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónCuatro compases1942infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónDomingo a la noche1944infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónEn tus ojos de cielo1944infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónEntre sueños1944infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónJamás retornarás1942infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónLa abandoné y no sabía1944infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónLejos de Buenos Aires1942infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónMargarita Gauthier1942infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónQué te importa que te llore1942infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónTarareando1942infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónTrasnochando1942infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónTristezas de la calle Corrientes1942infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónUn crimen1942infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteBohardilla1944infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteCuando tallan los recuerdos1943infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteDespués1944infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteEs en vano llorar1943infoclipuses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteGime el viento1943infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteLa noche que te fuiste1945infoclip *uses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteLa vi llegar1944infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteLluvia de abril1945infoclip *uses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteMañana iré temprano1943infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteMarión1943infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteNada1944infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteTabaco1944infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteTrenzas1945infouses
tangoMiguel Caló, singer Roberto CalóDulce amargura1938uses
tangoMiguel VillasboasEl 16infouses
tangoMiguel VillasboasEl apache argentinoinfouses
tangoMiguel VillasboasMadreselvainfouses
tangoMiguel VillasboasSentimiento gauchoinfouses
endMike Vickers OrchestraOff Side #4uses
tangoOrquesta Típica VíctorChorra1928infouses
tangoOrquesta Típica VíctorClavel del aire1937infoclipuses
tangoOrquesta Típica VíctorEl porteñito1928infouses
tangoOrquesta Típica VíctorJueves1934infoclipuses
tangoOrquesta Típica VíctorNiño bien1928infouses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Ángel VargasAdiós, Buenos Aires1938infoclipuses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Alberto CarolMi taza de café1944infoclipuses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Alberto GómezDon Juan1932infoclipuses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Alberto GómezEl mortero del globito1933infouses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Alberto GómezQuiero papita1932infouses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Alberto GómezVentarrón1933infoclipuses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Carlos LafuenteNunca tuvo novio1930infouses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer CharloLlamale hache1932infoclipuses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Ernesto FamáCarrillón de la Merced1931infouses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Luis DíazSecreto1932infouses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Teófilo IbáñezDerecho viejo1934infouses
tangoOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Vicente CriseraLa victrolera1931infouses
tangoOsvaldo FresedoArrabalero1939infouses
tangoOsvaldo FresedoDerecho viejo1941infouses
tangoOsvaldo FresedoLa clavada1933infouses
tangoOsvaldo FresedoMariposita1941infouses
tangoOsvaldo FresedoPimienta1939infouses
tangoOsvaldo FresedoPoliya1939infouses
tangoOsvaldo FresedoTigre viejo1934infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Héctor PachecoNinguna1952infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Héctor PachecoPampero1952infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Héctor PachecoPero yo sé1952infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Héctor PachecoSilbando1952infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Ricardo RuizBuscándote1941infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Ricardo RuizCuartito azul1939infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Ricardo RuizDespués de carnaval1941infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Ricardo RuizMás allá1939infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Ricardo RuizPlegaria1940infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Ricardo RuizViejo farolito1939infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Ricardo RuizY no puede ser1939infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayAdiós para siempre1936infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayAngustia1938infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayAraca la cana1933infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayAromas1938infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayCanto de amor1934infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayColibriyo1933uses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayComo aquella princesa1937infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayCordobesita1933infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayDulce amargura1938uses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayEl 111935infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayEl mareo1933infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayEn la huella del dolor1934infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayIsla de Capri1935infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayNiebla del Riachuelo1937infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayNo quiero verte llorar1937infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayOjos muertos1938infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayRecuerdos de bohemia1935infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RaySiempre es carnaval1937infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RaySollozos1937infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RaySueño azul1937infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayTelón1938infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayVida mía1933infouses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayVolver1935infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayVuelves1939uses
tangoOsvaldo Fresedo, singer Roberto RayYo no sé llorar1933infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseA los amigos1960infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseA mis compañeros1956infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseAdiós, Bardi1944infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseBoedo1948infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseDerecho viejo1945infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseEl monito1945infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseEl remate1944infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseEmancipación1955infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseGallo ciego1959infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseGente amiga1958infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseLa bordona1958infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseLa tupungatina1952infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseLa yumba1946uses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseMala estampa (Mala pinta)1944infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseMala junta1943infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseNochero soy1956infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo PugliesePara dos1952infouses
tangoOsvaldo PugliesePata ancha1957infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo PugliesePatético1948infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseRaza criolla (El taita)1945infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseRecuerdo1944infouses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseTierra querida1944infoclipuses
tangoOsvaldo PuglieseTiny1945infouses
tangoPedro LaurenzArrabal1937infoclipuses
tangoPedro LaurenzOrgullo criollo1941infoclipuses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáAlma de bohemio1943infouses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáGarúa1943infouses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáMuchachos, mi último tango1944infouses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáNunca tuvo novio1943infoclipuses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáQue nunca me falte1943infouses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáRecién1943infouses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáTodo1943infouses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Carlos BermúdezLlueve otra vez1944infouses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Carlos BermúdezMás solo que nunca1944infouses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Héctor FarrelAbandono1937infoclipuses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Jorge LinaresTrenzas1944infouses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Juan Carlos CasasAmurado1940infoclipuses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Juan Carlos CasasComo dos extraños1940infoclipuses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Juan Carlos CasasDe puro guapo1940infoclipuses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Juan Carlos CasasDesconsuelo1940infoclipuses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Juan Carlos CasasEs mejor perdonar1942infouses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Juan Carlos CasasNo me extraña1939uses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Juan Carlos CasasVieja amiga1938infoclipuses
tangoPedro Laurenz, singer Martín PodestáAl verla pasar1942infouses
endPietro MascagniCavalleria Rusticana intermezzoclip *uses
endPietro Mascagni, Herbert von KarajanCavalleria Rusticana intermezzo1968clip *uses
exitPietro Mascagni, Herbert von KarajanCavalleria Rusticana intermezzo1968clip *uses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoAlma en pena1938infouses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoChampagne tango1938infouses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoDon Esteban1938infouses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoDuelo criollo1939infouses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoEl flete1939infoclipuses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoEl Garrón1938infoclipuses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoGloria1939infoclipuses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoLa clavada1938infouses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoLa viruta1938infouses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoLoca1938infouses
tangoQuinteto Don PanchoViento en popa1937infouses
tangoRicardo MalerbaSollozos1944infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Malerba, singer Orlando MedinaA bailar1943infouses
tangoRicardo Malerba, singer Orlando MedinaEmbrujamiento1943infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Malerba, singer Orlando MedinaGitana rusa1942infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Malerba, singer Orlando MedinaLa piba de los jazmines1943infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Malerba, singer Orlando MedinaMi taza de café1943infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Malerba, singer Orlando MedinaRemembranza1943infoclipuses
tangoRicardo PedevillaEl amanecer1950infouses
tangoRicardo PedevillaEl caburé1951infouses
tangoRicardo PedevillaEl pollo Ricardo1950infouses
tangoRicardo PedevillaSiete palabras1951infouses
tangoRicardo TanturiAdiós, pueblo1941infouses
tangoRicardo TanturiArgañaraz1940infoclipuses
tangoRicardo TanturiComparsa criolla1941infoclipuses
tangoRicardo TanturiDidí1941uses
tangoRicardo TanturiEl buey solo1941infoclipuses
tangoRicardo TanturiEntre sueños1943uses
tangoRicardo TanturiGallo ciego1938uses
tangoRicardo TanturiLa cumparsita1940infoclipuses
tangoRicardo TanturiLágrimas1941infouses
tangoRicardo TanturiRecuerdo1942infoclipuses
tangoRicardo TanturiUna noche de garufa1941infouses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloAsí se baila el tango1942infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloCómo se pianta la vida1942infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloCopa del olvido1942uses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloDecile que vuelva1942infouses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloEl tango es el tango1942infouses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloEsta noche me emborracho1942infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloLa vida es corta1941infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloMadame Ivonne1942infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloMi piba1943infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloMuñeca brava1942infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloNoches de Colón1941infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloPocas palabras1941infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloRecuerdo malevo1941infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Enrique CamposLa abandoné y no sabía1944infoclipuses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Enrique CamposOigo tu voz1943infouses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Enrique CamposQue nunca me falte1943infouses
tangoRicardo Tanturi, singer Enrique CamposUna emoción1943infouses
tangoRodolfo BiagiA la gran muñeca1950infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiBélgica1942infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiCielito mío1954infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiDidí1941infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiEl entrerriano1941infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiEl estribo1940infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiEl incendio1938infouses
tangoRodolfo BiagiEl internado1953infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiEl irresistible1946infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiEl recodo1952infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiEl trece1938infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiEl yaguarón1940uses
tangoRodolfo BiagiLa cumparsita1942uses
tangoRodolfo BiagiLa huella1946infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiLa maleva1939infouses
tangoRodolfo BiagiLa marca de fuego1940infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiPura clase1939infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiQuejas de bandoneón1941infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiRacing Club1950infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo BiagiUnión Cívica1938infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorArlette1943infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorCafé de los Angelitos1945infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorCuando llora la milonga1946infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorHoy te quiero mucho más1945infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorLucienne1946infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorNada1944infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorSeamos amigos1944infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorSi la llegaran a ver1943infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorTus labios me dirán1945infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Andrés FalgásA mí no me interesa1940infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Andrés FalgásCicatrices1940infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Andrés FalgásCielo!1939infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Andrés FalgásGriseta1939infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Andrés FalgásLa chacarera1940infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Andrés FalgásQueja indiana1939infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Andrés FalgásSon cosas del bandoneón1939infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Carlos AcuñaAdiós, te vas1943infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Carlos AcuñaCanción de rango1943infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Carlos AcuñaTu voz1944infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Carlos AcuñaUno1944infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Carlos HerediaCaricias1951infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Carlos SaavedraEsta noche me emborracho1946infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Carlos SaavedraSin palabras1946infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizAhora no me conocés1941infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizCarrillón de la Merced1941infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizCopas, amigas y besos1945infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizCuando se ha querido mucho1945infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizGuapo y varón1940infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizHumillación1941infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizIndiferencia1942infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizLa cumparsita1942infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizMisa de once1940infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizNo le digas que la quiero1940infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizPájaro ciego1941infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizPinta orillera1940infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizQuiero verte una vez más1940infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizRomántico bulincito1941infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizTodo te nombra1940infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizYuyo verde1945infouses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizZaraza1941infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Teófilo IbáñezAlma de bohemio1939infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Teófilo IbáñezGólgota1938infoclipuses
tangoRodolfo Biagi, singer Teófilo IbáñezUna pena1938infoclipuses
tangoSexteto CanyengueLa cumparsitainfouses
milongaÁngel D'AgostinoTodos te quieren1944infouses
milongaÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasAsí me gusta a mí1942infoclipuses
milongaÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasCompadreando1941infoclipuses
milongaÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasEl Morocho y el Oriental1946infoclipuses
milongaÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasEl porteñito1943infoclipuses
milongaÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasEn lo de Laura1943info *clip *uses
milongaÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasEntre copa y copa1942infoclipuses
milongaAníbal TroiloDe pura cepa1942infouses
milongaAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoCon toda la voz que tengo1941infouses
milongaAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoFicha de oro1942infouses
milongaAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoMano brava1941infoclipuses
milongaAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoPapá Baltasar1942infouses
milongaCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáEntre pitada y pitada1942infoclipuses
milongaCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáJulián Centeya1942infouses
milongaCarlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge DuránCon álma y vida1945infouses
milongaCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoCuando un viejo se enamora1942infouses
milongaCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoLa mulateada1941infoclipuses
milongaCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoPena mulata1941infoclipuses
milongaCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoYo soy de San Telmo1943infoclipuses
milongaCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoZorzal1941infoclipuses
milongaDomingo RulioEl porteñitoinfouses
milongaDomingo RulioEl toritoinfouses
milongaDomingo RulioMilonga de mis amores1960infouses
milongaEdgardo DonatoEl lengue1940infoclipuses
milongaEdgardo DonatoEl torito1939infoclipuses
milongaEdgardo Donato, singer Antonio MaidaCorrales viejos1934infoclipuses
milongaEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosCara negra1942infoclipuses
milongaEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosDe punta a punta1939uses
milongaEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosElla es así1938infoclipuses
milongaEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosLa milonga que faltaba1938infoclipuses
milongaEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosPorteña linda1940infoclipuses
milongaEdgardo Donato, singers Randona, Horacio LagosSacale punta1938infoclipuses
milongaEduardo Del Piano, singer Ángel VargasMilonga para Gardel1947infoclip *uses
milongaFrancisco CanaroLa milonga de mis tiempos1938uses
milongaFrancisco CanaroMi Buenos Aires1938uses
milongaFrancisco CanaroMilonga de antaño1937uses
milongaFrancisco CanaroMilonga de mis amores1937infouses
milongaFrancisco CanaroReliquias porteñas1938infouses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Carlos GalánNegrito1934uses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Carlos RoldánLa milonga de mis perros1942infouses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Carlos RoldánSe dice de mí1943uses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáLa milonga de Buenos Aires1939uses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáMilonga del novecientos1933uses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáNo hay tierra como la mía1939uses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáYo me llamo Juan Te Quiero1934infouses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaLargá las penas1935uses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaMilonga brava1938uses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaMilonga criolla1936infouses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaMilonga del corazón1938uses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaMilonga triste1937infouses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaSilueta porteña1936uses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singers Ángel Ramos, Ernesto FamáMilonga sentimental1933infoclipuses
milongaFrancisco Canaro, singers Mario Alonso, Alberto ArenasFlor de arrabal1952infouses
milongaFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarQué tiempo aquel1938infouses
milongaHugo DíazMilonga para una armonica1974infouses
milongaHugo DíazTaquito militar1973infouses
milongaJuan D'ArienzoDe pura cepa1935infouses
milongaJuan D'ArienzoEl esquinazo1938infouses
milongaJuan D'ArienzoLa puñalada1937infoclipuses
milongaJuan D'ArienzoLa puñalada1963infouses
milongaJuan D'ArienzoMilonga de mis amores1970infouses
milongaJuan D'ArienzoMilonga, vieja milonga1937uses
milongaJuan D'ArienzoPapas calientes1967infouses
milongaJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeEl temblor1938infouses
milongaJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeEstampa de varón1938infouses
milongaJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeLa cicatriz1939infouses
milongaJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeMilonga del corazón1938infouses
milongaJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeMilonga del recuerdo1939infouses
milongaJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeMilonga querida1938infouses
milongaJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto ReynalMilonga del ochenta y tres1940infoclipuses
milongaJuan D'Arienzo, singer Walter CabralSilueta porteña1936infouses
milongaJulio De Caro, singer Luis DíazSaca chispas1938infouses
milongaLos Muchachos de AntesEl torito1975infouses
milongaLos Muchachos de AntesMilonga del novecientos1975infouses
milongaLos Muchachos de AntesZorro gris1975infouses
milongaLucio DemareLa esquina1938infouses
milongaLucio Demare, singer Raúl BerónCarnavalito1943infouses
milongaMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónMilonga antigua1942infouses
milongaMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónMilonga que peina canas1942infouses
milongaMiguel VillasboasEl porteñitoinfouses
milongaMiguel VillasboasLa milonga que hacía faltauses
milongaMiguel VillasboasLuz verdeinfouses
milongaOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Carlos LafuenteCacareando1933infouses
milongaOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Mariano BalcarceMilonga de los fortines1937infouses
milongaPedro LaurenzMilonga de mis amores1944infouses
milongaPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáEl criollito oriental1944infouses
milongaPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáMaldonado1943infouses
milongaPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáYo soy de San Telmo1943infouses
milongaPedro Laurenz, singer Juan Carlos CasasMilonga compadre1938infouses
milongaPedro Laurenz, singer Martín PodestáLa vida es una milonga1941infoclipuses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoArrabalera1950infouses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoCorralera1956infouses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoEl esquinazo1951infouses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoEl firulete1958infouses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoEl torito1950infouses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoLa cara de la luna1959infouses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoLa trampera1955infouses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoMilongón1952uses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoOrillera1960infouses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoSe dice de mí1954infouses
milongaQuinteto PirinchoTaquito militar1954infouses
milongaRicardo Malerba, singer Orlando MedinaMariana1942infouses
milongaRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloMi morocha1941infoclipuses
milongaRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloMozo guapo1941uses
milongaRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorCon mi perro1946infoclipuses
milongaRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorFlor de Monserrat1945infoclipuses
milongaRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizCantando se van las penas1940infoclipuses
tango-milongaHugo DíazAmurado1972infoclip *uses
tango-milongaHugo DíazEl llorón1972infoclip *uses
tango-milongaQuinteto PirinchoHotel Victoria1959infouses
candombeFrancisco Canaro, singer Carlos RoldánCandombe criollo1942infouses
candombeFrancisco Canaro, singer Carlos RoldánLa rumbita candombé1943infouses
candombeMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónAzabache1942infouses
valsÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasEl espejo de tus ojos1944info *clip *uses
valsÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasEsquinas porteñas1942infouses
valsÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasQué me pasará1941infoclipuses
valsÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasTristeza criolla1945infoclipuses
valsÁngel D'Agostino, singer Ángel VargasYo tengo una novia1942infoclipuses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singer Carlos DanteA su memoria1947infouses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singer Carlos DantePampa y cielo1951infoclipuses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singer Carlos DanteQue nadie sepa mi sufrir1953infouses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singer Floreal RuizMi novia de ayer1944infoclipuses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singer Julio MartelEsa noche1946infouses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelA Magaldi1947infoclipuses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelComo las margaritas1952infouses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelFlores del alma1947infouses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelMi cariñito1949infouses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelNo vuelvas María1950infouses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelPobre flor (Primera ilusión)1946infouses
valsAlfredo De Angelis, singers Carlos Dante, Julio MartelSoñar y nada más1944infouses
valsAníbal TroiloUn placer1942infouses
valsAníbal Troilo, singer Floreal RuizFlor de lino1947infouses
valsAníbal Troilo, singer Floreal RuizLlorarás, llorarás1945infouses
valsAníbal Troilo, singer Floreal RuizRomance de barrio1947infouses
valsAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoAcordándome de vos1942infouses
valsAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoPedacito de cielo1942infouses
valsAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoTemblando1944infouses
valsAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoTu diagnóstico1941infouses
valsAníbal Troilo, singer Francisco FiorentinoValsecito amigo1943infouses
valsAníbal Troilo, singers Alberto Marino, Floreal RuizPalomita blanca1944infouses
valsAníbal Troilo, singers Floreal Ruiz, Edmundo RiveroLagrimitas de mi corazón1948infouses
valsCarlos Di Sarli, singer Alberto PodestáEstampa federal1942infoclipuses
valsCarlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge DuránAcuérdate de mi1946infouses
valsCarlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge DuránSueño de juventud1945infouses
valsCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoAlma mía1940infoclipuses
valsCarlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto RufinoUn día llegará1943infoclipuses
valsCarlos Di Sarli, singer Santiago DevinRosamel1930infouses
valsEdgardo Donato, singer Félix GutiérrezLa tapera1936infoclipuses
valsEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosCon tus besos1938infoclipuses
valsEdgardo Donato, singer Horacio LagosQuién será1941infoclipuses
valsEdgardo Donato, singer Hugo del CarrilEl vals de los recuerdos1935infouses
valsEdgardo Donato, singers Horacio Lagos, Lita Morales, Romeo GavioliEstrellita mía1940infoclipuses
valsEdgardo Donato, singers Horacio Lagos, Lita Morales, Romeo GavioliVolveras pero cuando1940infoclipuses
valsEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoCon tu mirar1941infoclip *uses
valsEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoIsabelita1940infouses
valsEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoPor aquí, por allá1940infouses
valsEnríque Rodríguez, singer Roberto FloresFru fru1939infouses
valsEnríque Rodríguez, singer Roberto FloresTengo mil novias1939infouses
valsFrancisco CanaroNoches de amor1936infoclipuses
valsFrancisco CanaroVibraciones del alma1956infouses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Carlos GalánRonda del querer1934infouses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Eduardo AdriánEl vals de los abuelos1941infoclipuses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Eduardo AdriánMuchacha1942infouses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Eduardo AdriánValsecito amigo1943infouses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáAdiós, juventud1933infoclipuses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáEl vals del estudiante1939infoclipuses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáNoche de estrellas1939infoclipuses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Ernesto FamáTra la la1939infouses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Francisco AmorCuando estaba enamorado1940infouses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Francisco AmorLa zandunga1939uses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Francisco AmorMuchachita porteña1940infouses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Francisco AmorSalud, dinero y amor1939uses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaEl triúnfo de tus ojos1938uses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaEn voz baja1937uses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaNo me jures1938uses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singer Roberto MaidaRomántica1938infouses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singers Alberto Arenas, Enrique LuceroAmémonos1948infouses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singers Eduardo Adrián, Carlos RoldánSoñar y nada más1943infouses
valsFrancisco Canaro, singers Ernesto Famá, Mirna MoresTormenta en el alma1940infouses
valsFrancisco LomutoNoche de ronda1937infouses
valsFrancisco Lomuto, singer Carlos GalarceJugando... jugando1944infoclipuses
valsFrancisco Lomuto, singer Carlos GalarceUn vals1944uses
valsFrancisco Lomuto, singer Fernando DíazBajo un cielo de estrellas1941infouses
valsFrancisco Lomuto, singer Fernando DíazCuando estaba enamorado1940infouses
valsFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarDamisela encantadora1936infouses
valsFrancisco Lomuto, singer Jorge OmarIdolatria1937infouses
valsFrancisco Lomuto, singers Alberto Acuña, Fernando DíazA su memoria1931infouses
valsFrancisco Lomuto, singers Fernando Díaz, Mercedes SimoneLo que vieron mis ojos1933uses
valsJuan D'ArienzoAlma dolorida1937infoclipuses
valsJuan D'ArienzoAmor y celos1936infouses
valsJuan D'ArienzoCorazón de artista1936infoclipuses
valsJuan D'ArienzoEl aeroplano1938infouses
valsJuan D'ArienzoFrancia1935infouses
valsJuan D'ArienzoInolvidable1936uses
valsJuan D'ArienzoLágrimas y sonrisas1936uses
valsJuan D'ArienzoMentías1937infouses
valsJuan D'ArienzoNo llores madre1936uses
valsJuan D'ArienzoOrillas del plata1935infouses
valsJuan D'ArienzoPabellón de las rosas1935infoclipuses
valsJuan D'ArienzoPasión1937infouses
valsJuan D'ArienzoSueño florido1936uses
valsJuan D'ArienzoUna lágrima1936uses
valsJuan D'ArienzoValsecito criollo1937infouses
valsJuan D'ArienzoValsecito de antes (reverbed)1937infouses
valsJuan D'ArienzoVisión celeste1936infoclipuses
valsJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeCabeza de novia1938infouses
valsJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeEn tu corazón1938infouses
valsJuan D'Arienzo, singer Alberto EchagüeRecuerdos de la pampa1939infouses
valsJuan D'Arienzo, singer Walter CabralIrene1936infouses
valsJuan D'Arienzo, singer Walter CabralTu olvido1936infoclip *uses
valsJuan D'Arienzo, singer Walter CabralUn placer1936infouses
valsJuan de Dios FilibertoPensando en tí1935infouses
valsJuan de Dios FilibertoSantaigo del Estero1932uses
valsJuan de Dios FilibertoTus ojos me embelesan1935infouses
valsJuan Félix MaglioOrillas del plata1928infouses
valsJulio De Caro, singers Violeta Desmondo, Lidia DesmondoPienso en ti1936uses
valsLos Provincianos, singer Carlos LafuenteUn placer1933infouses
valsLos Provincianos, singer Luis DíazA tu memoria, madrecita1934infouses
valsLos Provincianos, singer Luis DíazVolvió la princesita1932infouses
valsLos TubatangoFranciainfouses
valsLos TubatangoPabellón de las rosasinfouses
valsLos TubatangoSantiago del Esteroinfouses
valsLucio Demare, singer Horacio QuintanaDos corazones1944infouses
valsLucio Demare, singer Juan Carlos MirandaNunca supe por qué1942infouses
valsLucio Demare, singer Raúl BerónAl pasar1943infoclipuses
valsLucio Demare, singer Raúl BerónNo nos veremos más1943infoclipuses
valsLucio Demare, singer Raúl BerónSe fue1943infouses
valsMiguel Caló, singer Alberto PodestáBajo un cielo de estrellas1941infouses
valsMiguel Caló, singer Alberto PodestáPedacito de cielo1942infouses
valsMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónEl vals soñador1942infoclipuses
valsMiguel Caló, singer Raúl BerónJugando... jugando1944infoclipuses
valsMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteEl mismo dolor1945infoclipuses
valsMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteFlor de lino1946infoclipuses
valsMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteMe duele el corazón1944infouses
valsMiguel Caló, singer Raúl IriarteNo te olvides de mi corazón1945infouses
valsMiguel VillasboasAngustias del corazóninfouses
valsMiguel VillasboasLoca de amorinfouses
valsMiguel VillasboasLuna de arrabalinfouses
valsOrquesta Típica VíctorTrès jolie1932infouses
valsOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Ángel VargasSin rumbo fijo1938infoclipuses
valsOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Alberto GómezAmor cobarde1933infoclipuses
valsOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Carlos LafuenteAmor y celos1933infoclipuses
valsOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Carlos LafuenteDulce cariño1932infouses
valsOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Lita MoralesNoches de invierno1937infouses
valsOrquesta Típica Víctor, singer Mario PomarTemo1940infouses
valsOrquesta Típica Víctor, singers Carlos Lafuente, Luis DíazA la mar se fue1932infouses
valsOsmar Maderna, singer Héctor De RosasPequeña1949infoclipuses
valsOsvaldo PuglieseDesde el alma (live)uses
valsPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto Del CampoCaserón de tejas1942infouses
valsPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto FuentesMaría Remedios1942infoclipuses
valsPedro Laurenz, singer Alberto PodestáPaisaje1943infoclipuses
valsPedro Laurenz, singer Carlos BermúdezTemblando1944infouses
valsPedro Laurenz, singer Jorge LinaresMendocina1944infouses
valsPedro Laurenz, singer Juan Carlos CasasMascarita1940infouses
valsQuinteto PirinchoA mi madre1941infoclipuses
valsQuinteto PirinchoCorazón de oroinfouses
valsQuinteto PirinchoEl trovero1942infouses
valsQuinteto PirinchoFrancia1943infouses
valsQuinteto PirinchoMaría Esther1943infoclipuses
valsQuinteto PirinchoVibraciones del alma1956infouses
valsQuinteto PirinchoYo te quiero mi bien1941infoclipuses
valsRicardo MalerbaCorazón de artista1943infouses
valsRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloA mi madre (Con los amigos)1943infoclipuses
valsRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloLa serenata (Mi amor)1941infoclipuses
valsRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloMarisabel1942infoclipuses
valsRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloMi romance1941infoclipuses
valsRicardo Tanturi, singer Alberto CastilloRecuerdo1941infoclipuses
valsRicardo Tanturi, singer Enrique CamposAl pasar1943infouses
valsRicardo Tanturi, singers Osvaldo Ribó, Roberto VidelaTu olvido1946infouses
valsRodolfo BiagiLágrimas y sonrisas1941infouses
valsRodolfo BiagiPájaro herido1941infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorAroma de amor1946infouses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorMañana por la mañana1946infouses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto AmorPaloma1945infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto LagoAmor y vals1942infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Andrés FalgásDéjame amarte aunque sea un día1939infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Andrés FalgásDichas que viví1939infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Andrés FalgásEl último adiós1940infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizCuatro palabras1941infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizPor un beso de amor1940infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Jorge OrtizTu melodía1945infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Teófilo IbáñezLejos de tí1938infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Teófilo IbáñezLoca de amor1938infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singer Teófilo IbáñezViejo portón1938infoclipuses
valsRodolfo Biagi, singers Hugo Duval, Carlos HerediaAdoración1951infouses
valssinger Alberto CastilloEstas chicas se quieren casar1949infouses
valssinger Alberto CastilloIdilio trunco1946infouses
valssinger Alberto CastilloLa pulpera de Santa Lucía1945infouses
valssinger Alberto CastilloLa vieja serenata1951infoclipuses
valssinger Alberto CastilloRecuerdo1944infouses
valssinger Alberto CastilloUnitaria1946infouses
valssinger Alberto CastilloVioletas1948infouses
foxtrotEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoMujeres feas1943infouses
foxtrotEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoSe va el tren1942infouses
foxtrotEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoSuavemente1942infouses
foxtrotEnríque Rodríguez, singer Armando MorenoVuelve el trenuses
curtainA1Take On Meclip *uses
curtainABBALay All Your Love On Meclip *uses
curtainAerosmithDream Onclip *uses
curtainAlly McBealSanta Babyclip *uses
curtainAmericaA Horse with No Nameclip *uses
curtainAmr DiabTamally Maakclip *uses
curtainAmy WinehouseBack To Blackclip *uses
curtainAndy WilliamsMusic To Watch Girls Byclip *uses
curtainBarry WhiteCan't Get Enough of Your Love, Babeclip *uses
curtainBilly IdolWhite Weddingclip *uses
curtainBilly PaulMe and Mrs Jonesclip *uses
curtainBlondieThe Tide Is Highclip *uses
curtainBob AcriSleep Awayclip *uses
curtainBooker T. and the M.G.'sGreen Onions1962clip *uses
curtainBooker T. and the M.G.'sSoul Limbo1968clip *uses
curtainBooker T. and the M.G.'sTime Is Tight1969clip *uses
curtainBronksi BeatSmalltown Boyclip *uses
curtainBruce SpringsteenBorn to Runclip *uses
curtainBryan FerryDon't Stop the Danceclip *uses
curtainBuena Vista Social ClubCandela1997clip *uses
curtainBuena Vista Social ClubChan Chan1997clip *uses
curtainBuena Vista Social ClubDe Camino a La Vereda1997clip *uses
curtainBuena Vista Social ClubOrgullecida1997clip *uses
curtainBuena Vista Social ClubVeinte Años1997clip *uses
curtainBugglesVideo Killed the Radio Starclip *uses
curtainC.C.S. & Led ZeppelinWhole Lotta Loveclip *uses
curtainCarlos AlmaranHistory of Loveclip *uses
curtainCherBelieveclip *uses
curtainCherThe Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)clip *uses
curtainChris IsaakWicked Gameclip *uses
curtainChris ReaDriving Home for Christmasclip *uses
curtainCirque du SoleilIrnauses
curtainCirque du SoleilJeux D'enfants (Sigla Ballarò)uses
curtainCirque du SoleilKalandérouses
curtainCirque du SoleilMirkouses
curtainColdplayClocksclip *uses
curtainCreamWhite Roomclip *uses
curtainCrowded HouseDon't dream it's overclip *uses
curtainCrowded HouseWeather with Youclip *uses
curtainCyndi LauperGirls Just Wanna Have Funclip *uses
curtainDire StraitsMoney For Nothingclip *uses
curtainDire StraitsSultans of Swingclip *uses
curtainDire StraitsWalk of Lifeclip *uses
curtainDoris DayPerhaps, Perhaps, Perhapsclip *uses
curtainEarth, Wind And FireBoogie Wonderlandclip *uses
curtainEdith PiafLa Vie en Roseclip *uses
curtainEdwyn CollinsA Girl Like Youclip *uses
curtainElectric Light Orchestra10538 Overtureclip *uses
curtainElectric Light OrchestraLong Black Roadclip *uses
curtainEmerson, Lake & PalmerFanfare for the Common Manclip *uses
curtainEmerson, Lake & PalmerStill You Turn Me Onclip *uses
curtainEuropeThe Final Countdownclip *uses
curtainEurythmicsSweet Dreamsclip *uses
curtainEvanescenceGood Enoughclip *uses
curtainFleetwood MacDon't Stopclip *uses
curtainFleetwood MacDreamsclip *uses
curtainFleetwood MacTell Me Liesclip *uses
curtainFleetwood MacThe Chainclip *uses
curtainFrankie ValliCan't Take My Eyes Off Youclip *uses
curtainFred AstaireChange Partnersclip *uses
curtainGirls AloudUntouchableclip *uses
curtainGnarls BarkleyCrazyclip *uses
curtainGnarls BarkleySmiley Facesclip *uses
curtainGolden EaringRadar Loveclip *uses
curtainGypsy KingsVolareclip *uses
curtainHarry RoyBugle Call Rag1934clip *uses
curtainHarry RoyGoody Goody1936clip *uses
curtainHarry RoyOh! You Sweet Thing1936clip *uses
curtainHarry RoySentimiento Gaucho1938uses
curtainHarry RoyThe Continental1935clip *uses
curtainHarry RoyThe Lady In Red1935uses
curtainHenry ManciniThe Pink Panther Themeclip *uses
curtainHuey Lewis and the NewsThe Power of Loveclip *uses
curtainJane Birkin & Serge GainsbourgJe t'aime... moi non plusclip *uses
curtainJennifer LopezWaiting for Tonightclip *uses
curtainJennifer PageCrushclip *uses
curtainJimi HendrixPurple Hazeclip *uses
curtainJoe DassinEt si tu n'existais pasclip *uses
curtainJohnny CashFolsom Prison Bluesclip *uses
curtaink d langConstant Cravingclip *uses
curtainKatrina and the WavesWalking on Sunshineclip *uses
curtainKhaledAïchaclip *uses
curtainKissI Was Made for Lovin' Youclip *uses
curtainKrokeUsual Happinessclip *uses
curtainLady GagaJust Danceclip *uses
curtainLed ZeppelinHeartbreakerclip *uses
curtainLeonard CohenDance Me to the End of Loveclip *uses
curtainLisa StansfieldAll Around the Worldclip *uses
curtainLou BegaMambo No. 5clip *uses
curtainLouis ArmstrongIn the Mood for Loveclip *uses
curtainMadnessOne Step Beyondclip *uses
curtainMadonnaLa Isla Bonitaclip *uses
curtainManu ChaoMe Gustas Túclip *uses
curtainManu ChaoMr Marleyclip *uses
curtainManu ChaoQue hora son mi corazonclip *uses
curtainMartha and the MuffinsEcho Beachclip *uses
curtainMen at WorkDown Underclip *uses
curtainMike Vickers OrchestraOff Sideuses
curtainNancy SinatraThese Boots Are Made for Walkin'clip *uses
curtainNirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirituses
curtainOliver Shanti & FriendsSacral Nirvanauses
curtainOrquesta Estable del Teatro ColónChiquilín de Bachínclip *uses
curtainPaolo ConteVia con meclip *uses
curtainPetula ClarkThis Girl's In Love with Youclip *uses
curtainPigbagPapa's Got a Brand New Pig Bagclip *uses
curtainPink MartiniHang on Little Tomatoclip *uses
curtainQueenRadio Gagaclip *uses
curtainQuincy JonesSoul Bossa Novaclip *uses
curtainR.E.M.Everybody Hurts Sometimesclip *uses
curtainR.E.M.Shiny Happy Peopleclip *uses
curtainRay CharlesWhat'd I Sayclip *uses
curtainRichie ValensLa Bambaclip *uses
curtainRick AstleyNever Gonna Give You Upclip *uses
curtainRobbie Williams, Nicole KidmanSomethin' Stupidclip *uses
curtainRod StewartDa Ya Think I'm Sexy?clip *uses
curtainRod StewartThe Way You Look Tonightclip *uses
curtainRoxy MusicAvalonclip *uses
curtainRuss ColumboGuilty1931clip *uses
curtainSadeSmooth Operatorclip *uses
curtainSantanaEvil Waysclip *uses
curtainSantana feat. Rob ThomasSmoothclip *uses
curtainSavage GardenTo the Moon and Backclip *uses
curtainSavage GardenTruly Madly Deeplyclip *uses
curtainSealKiss From A Roseclip *uses
curtainShakiraObjection (Tango)clip *uses
curtainSimply RedHolding Back the Yearsclip *uses
curtainSnapRhythm Is A Dancerclip *uses
curtainSophie Ellis-BextorI Won't Dance With Youclip *uses
curtainSophie Ellis-BextorMurder on the Dancefloorclip *uses
curtainSophie Ellis-BextorTake Me Homeclip *uses
curtainSpandau BalletTrueclip *uses
curtainStevie WonderSuperstitionclip *uses
curtainTammy WynetteStand By Your Manclip *uses
curtainTears For FearsEverybody Wants to Rule the Worldclip *uses
curtainTerence Trent D'Arby feat. Des'reeDelicateclip *uses
curtainThe Andrews SistersBei Mir Bistu Sheinclip *uses
curtainThe CarpentersI Can't Smile Without Youclip *uses
curtainThe DoorsLight My Fireclip *uses
curtainThe Human LeagueDon't You Want Meclip *uses
curtainThe MavericksDance the Night Awayclip *uses
curtainThe PoliceEvery Breath You Takeclip *uses
curtainThe Pretty RecklessMake Me Wanna Dieclip *uses
curtainTina TurnerWhat's Love Got to Do With Itclip *uses
curtainTom JonesIt's Not Unusualuses
curtainToploaderDancing in the Moonlightclip *uses
curtainTouch and GoWould You...?clip *uses
curtainVan HalenJumpclip *uses
curtainVan MorrisonMoondanceclip *uses
curtainWarren BarkerBewitchedclip *uses
curtainWhitney HoustonI Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)clip *uses
curtainYann TiersenLa Valse d'Amélie (orchestra version)clip *uses
curtainYazzThe Only Way Is Upclip *uses
curtainYesOwner Of A Lonely Heartuses
curtainZucchero & Paul YoungSenza Una Donnaclip *uses

2020-03-07 Samira's birthday party, Southend-on-Sealist
2019-12-07 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2019-11-02 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2019-08-18 Wood Farm, Bawdeswelllist
2019-07-14 Wood Farm, Bawdeswelllist
2019-06-08 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2019-05-25 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2019-05-11 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2019-04-27 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2019-04-13 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2019-04-06 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2019-02-17 Wood Farm, Bawdeswelllist
2019-02-02 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2019-01-19 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2018-12-20 Chris & Lizzie mini-milonga, Cambridgelist
2018-12-15 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2018-12-06 Chris & Lizzie mini-milonga, Cambridgelist
2018-11-19 Chris & Lizzie mini-milonga, Cambridgelist
2018-10-18 Chris & Lizzie mini-milonga, Cambridgelist
2018-10-04 Chris & Lizzie mini-milonga, Cambridgelist
2018-09-22 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2018-08-18 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2018-08-16 Chris & Lizzie mini-milonga, Cambridgelist
2018-08-02 Chris & Lizzie mini-milonga, Cambridgelist
2018-07-21 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2018-07-15 Milonga Legera, Norwichlist
2018-07-07 Wood Farm, Bawdeswelllist
2018-06-09 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2018-05-26 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2018-05-05 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2018-04-14 Wood Farm, Bawdeswelllist
2018-03-24 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2018-03-11 Wood Farm, Bawdeswelllist
2018-03-10 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2018-02-18 Wood Farm, Bawdeswelllist
2018-02-17 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2018-02-03 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2018-01-25 Chris & Lizzie mini-milonga, Cambridgelist
2018-01-14 Wood Farm, Bawdeswelllist
2017-12-16 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2017-12-10 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2017-11-26 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2017-11-25 Radlett Tango, Radlettlist
2017-11-18 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2017-11-04 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2017-10-29 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2017-10-21 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2017-09-24 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2017-09-10 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2017-09-02 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2017-08-19 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2017-08-05 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2017-07-30 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2017-07-08 Radlett Tango, Watfordlist
2017-05-20 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2017-04-08 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2017-02-25 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2017-02-12 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2017-01-29 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2017-01-21 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2017-01-06 El Candelero, Norwichlist
2016-12-11 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2016-12-03 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2016-12-01 Milonga de Barrio, Ipswichlist
2016-11-27 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2016-11-20 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2016-10-07 El Candelero, Norwichlist
2016-09-30 El Candelero, Norwichlist
2016-09-10 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2016-07-29 El Candelero, Norwichlist
2016-07-02 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2016-06-18 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2016-06-11 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2016-06-03 Milonga de Barrio, Ipswichlist
2016-05-30 Media Luz, Nottinghamlist
2016-03-28 Media Luz, Nottinghamlist
2016-03-12 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2016-01-30 Leigh Tango, Leigh-on-Sealist
2015-12-27 Kijutango, Brightonlist
2015-12-26 Kijutango, Brightonlist
2015-12-14 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2015-11-08 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2015-09-27 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2015-09-13 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2015-07-12 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2015-07-05 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2015-06-28 Tango de Salon, Watfordlist
2015-05-31 Tango de Salon, Watfordlist
2015-05-02 Media Luz, Nottinghamlist
2015-04-26 Tangueando Practicando, Cambridgelist
2015-04-05 Pavadita, Londonlist
2015-02-07 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2014-12-27 Kijutango, Brightonlist
2014-10-26 Tango de Salon, Watfordlist
2014-09-06 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2014-08-16 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2014-08-03 Pavadita, Londonlist
2014-08-02 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2014-06-22 Milonga del Corazón, Itchen Abbaslist
2014-05-25 Pavadita, Londonlist
2014-04-20 Pavadita, Londonlist
2014-04-13 Milonga del Corazón, Itchen Abbaslist
2014-02-16 Pavadita, Londonlist
2014-01-05 Tango de Salon, Watfordlist
2013-12-28 Thames Valley Tango, Etonlist
2013-10-31 Milonga Liso, Southamptonlist
2013-10-25 TangoWest, Bristollist
2013-09-16 Saturday Milonga, Staffordlist
2013-09-08 Rich Mix, Londonlist
2013-08-31 Las Rubias, Londonlist
2013-08-11 Pavadita, Londonlist
2013-06-15 Tango Cats, Bedfordlist
2013-04-07 Salon Tango Cats, Bedfordlist
2013-03-30 Thames Valley Tango, Etonlist
2013-03-16 Dancetango at The Crypt, Londonlist
2013-03-02 Milonga Pasional, Cambridgelist
2012-12-30 Thames Valley Tango, Etonlist
2012-12-23 Kijutango, Brightonlist
2012-12-16 TangoWest, Bristollist
2012-10-20 Madame Ivonne, Busheylist
2012-09-08 Tango Cats, Bedfordlist
2012-08-18 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2012-07-22 Pavadita, Londonlist
2012-03-25 Pavadita, Londonlist
2012-02-18 Tango Cats, Bedfordlist
2012-01-21 Bailarin Tango Club, Windsorlist
2011-11-19 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2011-09-14 Salon Garufa, Norwichlist
2011-08-26 Carablanca, Londonlist
2011-08-14 Pavadita, Londonlist
2011-08-05 Carablanca, Londonlist
2011-07-24 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2011-07-16 Regency Tango, Norwichlist
2011-07-10 Pavadita, Londonlist
2011-06-10 Carablanca, Londonlist
2011-05-15 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2011-05-14 Tangoloft, Stuttgartlist
2011-05-08 Pavadita, Londonlist
2011-05-08 Tango de Salon, Letchmore Heathlist
2011-04-30 Regency Tango, Norwichlist
2011-04-22 Thames Valley Tango, Etonlist
2011-04-03 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2011-03-21 BerlINESa, Berlinlist
2011-03-13 Pavadita, Londonlist
2011-03-06 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2011-02-13 Pavadita, Londonlist
2011-01-30 Pavadita, Londonlist
2011-01-24 BerlINESa, Berlinlist
2011-01-09 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2011-01-03 BerlINESa, Berlinlist
2010-12-26 Pavadita, Londonlist
2010-12-19 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2010-12-18 Tangoloft, Stuttgartlist
2010-12-11 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2010-12-10 Carablanca, Londonlist
2010-11-20 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2010-11-05 Tango Serendipity, Cambridgelist
2010-10-31 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2010-10-30 Tangoloft, Stuttgartlist
2010-10-22 Thames Valley Tango, Etonlist
2010-10-13 Dancetango at Vino Latino's Wine Bar, Londonlist
2010-09-20 Volkspark Friedrichshain Pavillon, Berlinlist
2010-09-05 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2010-08-28 Carablanca, Londonlist
2010-08-13 Tango Social Club, Berlinlist
2010-08-01 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2010-07-24 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2010-07-09 Carablanca, Londonlist
2010-07-04 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2010-06-26 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2010-06-25 Carablanca, Londonlist
2010-05-31 Volkspark Friedrichshain Pavillon, Berlinlist
2010-05-22 Salon Perdu, Norwichlist
2010-05-08 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2010-04-23 Carablanca, Londonlist
2010-03-20 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2010-03-15 Volkspark Friedrichshain Pavillon, Berlinlist
2010-03-07 El Amateur, Stuttgartlist
2010-02-20 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2010-01-29 Carablanca, Londonlist
2010-01-23 Tangoloft, Stuttgartlist
2009-11-25 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2009-09-18 Wolfson, Cambridgelist
2009-09-04 Wolfson, Cambridgelist